Control-M SaaS Agent (Version 10.0.00)

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Customer Advisories
Date Tracking Numbers Description Available Formats
Technical Bulletin
29-Dec-2021 Alerts BMC Helix Control-M customers to necessary 2021 year-end procedures. PDF
29-Dec-2021 Announcing the release of fixes for specific components that remediate the Log4j v2 vulnerability. PDF
17-Dec-2021 Announcing the release of patches for specific components that mitigate the Log4J2 vulnerability PDF
15-Dec-2021 Alerting you to a Log4Shell update that affects specific components PDF
14-Dec-2021 Alerting you to a Log4Shell vulnerability update that affects specific components PDF
13-Dec-2021 Alerting you to the Log4Shell Java logging library vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) that affects many Control-M components in supported versions 9.0.18, 9.0.19, and 9.0.20 including Helix Control-M. PDF
Online Technical Documentation
09-Mar-2022 Describes BMC Helix Control-M and provides subscriber information. The most recent version of BMC Helix Control-M was made available in March 2022. HTM