BMC AMI Capacity Reporting (Version 2.0.00)

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Customer Advisories
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Technical Bulletin
25-Jan-2021 (ID 1023) All BMC Mainframe customers: BMC is announcing the transformation of the BMC Mainframe product lines to BMC AMI PDF
21-Jan-2021 (ID 1087) Maintenance: RSL2101 and RSL2101C are available PDF
18-Nov-2020 (ID 1091) Maintenance: We are withdrawing BMC Internet Service Retrieval (BMC ISR) on December 31, 2020 PDF
04-Nov-2020 (ID 1083) Installation and maintenance: An outage is scheduled for services, BMC ISR, SMP/E RECEIVE ORDER, and web-based RECEIVE ORDER PDF
15-Oct-2020 (ID 1002) Maintenance: RSL2010 is available PDF
15-Oct-2020 (ID 1061) Maintenance: Announcing a web-based maintenance request service for RECEIVE ORDER PDF
15-Sep-2020 (ID 741) All BMC mainframe products and solutions: BMC is announcing an enhancement to how we notify you about notice updates PDF
27-Feb-2020 (ID 901) BMC AMI Capacity Reporting: Patch 1 for BMC AMI Capacity Reporting version 2.0.00 is now available PDF
Release Notes
21-Jan-2021 Installation System: Announces changes and new features in version 3.15.00 PDF
15-Oct-2020 Installation System: Announces changes and new features in version 3.14.00 PDF
12-Dec-2019 BMC AMI Capacity Reporting: Announces version 2.0.00 PDF
Online Technical Documentation
12-Dec-2019 Online documentation for version 2.0 of the BMC AMI Capacity Reporting product HTM
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Title Date Format
BMC AMI Capacity Reporting 2.0 space (7,460) 12-Dec-2019 PDF
Locating and generating PDFs of documentation 20-Mar-2020 PDF