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MainView Automation (Version 6.2.01)

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Customer Advisories
Date Tracking Numbers Description Available Formats
02-Jul-2019 (ID 712) MainView AutoOPERATOR: The Rules Management application fails to preserve multiple blanks in certain fields of dialog boxes PDF
07-Dec-2018 MainView for z/OS, CMF MONITOR, MainView SYSPROG Services, MainView for UNIX System Services, and MainView AutoOPERATOR: A CSA overlay might occur if you reinitialize the BBX subsystem by using the BBXSINIT program instead of an IPL PDF
Technical Bulletin
07-May-2019 (ID 666) MainView Infrastructure: An S0C4 abend may occur in MainView identified as ????????(????????+********) PDF
01-May-2019 UPDATED (ID 664) MainView Infrastructure: Applying PTF BQY1876, BQY1877, or BQY1878 can delay PAS initialization PDF
15-Apr-2019 (ID 590) MainView Infrastructure: Issuing IBM MVS MODIFY commands to obtain version information might cause a security issue PDF
27-Mar-2019 Applying PTF BQY1876, BQY1877, or BQY1878 can delay PAS initialization PDF
17-Jan-2019 MainView Infrastructure now supports TCP/IP encryption PDF
30-Nov-2018 MainView AutoOPERATOR: The Rules Management application supports new usability improvements PDF
28-Sep-2018 MainView SYSPROG Services: Support for five-digit device numbers PDF
31-Aug-2018 MainView AutoOPERATOR: MainView AutoOPERATOR supports automated deployment of Rules that are stored in the registry PDF
29-Aug-2018 MainView Total Object Manager: MainView Total Object Manager supports a new SHARED variable, QTOMAV PDF
30-May-2018 Announcing support for FIXCAT categories for Enhanced HOLDDATA PDF
16-Mar-2018 MainView AutoOPERATOR: MainView AutoOPERATOR TIME Rules and EXECs will encounter errors when the system clock is changed for daylight saving time PDF
Release Notes
03-May-2018 Installation System: Announces changes and new features in version 3.6.00 PDF
02-Feb-2018 MainView Automation: Describes the MainView Automation solution PDF
12-Jan-2018 MainView Console Management for zEnterprise: Describes the new features for this release PDF
08-Dec-2016 MainView AutoOPERATOR: Describes what is new and changed in version 8.1.00 of MainView AutoOPERATOR PDF
Online Technical Documentation
03-May-2018 Online documentation for the current version of the Installation System HTM
02-Feb-2018 Online documentation for MainView Automation solution HTM
Product Documents Language :
Title Date Format
MainView AutoOPERATOR 8.1 space (13,613 KB) 14-Dec-2017 PDF
MainView Automation 6.2 space (40 KB) 02-Feb-2018 PDF
MainView Console Management for zEnterprise, MainView Console Automation for zEnterprise, and MainView SecureHMC 3.4 12-Jan-2018 PDF
MainView Infrastructure 6.2 space (11,745 KB) 16-Sep-2018 PDF
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