Control-M for Databases (Version 9.0.18)

Version Support Status : FULL SUPPORT
Full Support End Date : 31-Mar-2021
End Of Support Date : 31-Mar-2023

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Customer Advisories
Date Tracking Numbers Description Available Formats
Technical Bulletin
24-Nov-2019 BMC is announcing a new method for sending files to Customer Support. PDF
03-Nov-2019 Alerts all Control-M customers to necessary 2019 year-end procedures. PDF
31-Oct-2019 BMC is notifying users of end of support for Control-M version 9.0.00. PDF
06-Aug-2019 Describes patch PA1CM., its contents, and how to apply it. PDF
25-Feb-2019 This technical bulletin describes patch PA1CM. PDF
08-Nov-2018 BMC wishes to bring to your attention changes in Control-M following Oracle Java support changes. PDF
15-Oct-2018 Alerts all Control-M customers to necessary 2018 year-end procedures PDF
Release Notes
03-Jan-2018 Describes enhancements and corrected problems for all Application plug-ins included in Control-M Application Pack version 9.0.18. PDF
Online Technical Documentation
16-May-2018 Release notes for Control-M 9.0.18 and its fix packs, with information about enhancements, corrected problems, and preparing to install the product. Documentation for Fix Pack 2 (version was made available October 4, 2018. HTM
Product Documents Language :
Title Date Format
Control-M for Databases 9.0.18 Administrator Guide 22-Aug-2018 PDF