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BMC Database Solutions for DB2 - Base (Version 11.2.00)

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Customer Advisories
Date Tracking Numbers Description Available Formats
Technical Bulletin
03-Jan-2019 RSL1901 and RSL1901C are available PDF
24-Dec-2018 BMC ISR extract job $E05XTRT and retrieve job $J05RETV are missing the COPYSTEP and SFTP steps PDF
04-Oct-2018 Maintenance: RSL1810 is available PDF
03-Jul-2018 Maintenance: RSL1807 and RSL1807C are available PDF
30-May-2018 Announcing support for FIXCAT categories for Enhanced HOLDDATA PDF
05-Apr-2018 Maintenance: RSL1804 is available PDF
Release Notes
13-Dec-2018 Installation System: Announces changes and new features in version 3.9.00 PDF
03-May-2018 Installation System: Announces changes and new features in version 3.6.00 PDF
Online Technical Documentation
13-Dec-2018 Online documentation for version 11.1.00 of BMC Configuration Component for z/OS (DBC), version 11.1.00 of BMC Execution Component for z/OS (LGC), version 10.4.00 of Next Generation Logger, and BMC Runtime Component System HTM
03-May-2018 Online documentation for the current version of the Installation System HTM
24-Apr-2017 Online documentation for BMC Database Administration for DB2 and BMC Database Solutions for DB2 - Base HTM
Product Documents Language :
Title Date Format
Installation System 3.7 space (1,946 KB) 21-Jun-2018 PDF
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