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MainView SRM DMS2HSM (Version 7.9.00)

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Customer Advisories
Date Tracking Numbers Description Available Formats
07-Mar-2019 MainView SRM Automation: Installing PTF BPG7686 or BPG7687 causes the MainView SRM Automation functions to produce incorrect results PDF
11-Jan-2019 MainView Infrastructure: UPDATED MainView Alternate Access does not operate if IBM PTF UA98016 or UA98017 is applied PDF
20-Dec-2018 MainView Infrastructure: MainView Alternate Access does not operate if IBM PTF UA98016 or UA98017 is applied PDF
Technical Bulletin
17-Jan-2019 MainView Infrastructure now supports TCP/IP encryption PDF
03-Jan-2019 RSL1901 and RSL1901C are available PDF
24-Dec-2018 BMC ISR extract job $E05XTRT and retrieve job $J05RETV are missing the COPYSTEP and SFTP steps PDF
13-Dec-2018 MainView products now support product administration with the EZADMIN view PDF
29-Nov-2018 MainView SRM: The NVOL parameter can now process non-VSAM SMS-managed data sets within the DASDPOOL function PDF
15-Nov-2018 MainView SRM: The SKIP statement now supports multiple values for the PGM and DDNAME parameters, and &DSNBASE is available as a variable for skeleton tailoring in AUTOHERR and AUTOHMSG functions PDF
01-Nov-2018 MainView SRM: New parameters are available for the SPACSECI PCTI percentage-increase process PDF
04-Oct-2018 Maintenance: RSL1810 is available PDF
13-Sep-2018 MainView Infrastructure: MainView Explorer can now be launched from a stand-alone package PDF
09-Aug-2018 Enhancements to the AUTODS function and a new date variable are now available PDF
03-Jul-2018 Maintenance: RSL1807 and RSL1807C are available PDF
21-Jun-2018 MainView Infrastructure: After applying PTF BQY1469 or BQY1470, MainView Logger logs all WTOs, regardless of the WTOLOG or LOGWTO parameter setting PDF
07-Jun-2018 MainView SRM now supports PDS directory block counts, DASD standard user labels (SULs), and the EZADMIN menu PDF
30-May-2018 Announcing support for FIXCAT categories for Enhanced HOLDDATA PDF
05-Apr-2018 Maintenance: RSL1804 is available PDF
02-Feb-2018 Customer Support: Changes for sending files to Customer Support through PDF
03-Jan-2018 Maintenance: RSL1801 and RSL1801C are available PDF
14-Dec-2017 MainView Explorer hangs when MVI host server restarted with SSL=N PDF
14-Dec-2017 MainView Infrastructure December 2017 enhancements for version 6.2 are available PDF
Release Notes
13-Dec-2018 Installation System: Announces changes and new features in version 3.9.00 PDF
21-Jun-2018 MainView Infrastructure: Describes what is new and changed in MainView Infrastructure version 6.3.00 PDF
03-May-2018 Installation System: Announces changes and new features in version 3.6.00 PDF
14-Dec-2017 Installation System: Announces changes and new features in version 3.5.00 PDF
14-Dec-2017 MainView SRM: Announces changes and new features in version 7.9.00. PDF
Product Change Notice
09-Feb-2015 Replaces 462209 Sara Uriarte-Lambert PDF
15-Jan-2015 INTERNAL USE ONLY - Product_Change_Notification_FY2015_Q3_Jan_2015_Final_2015_0115 PDF
Online Technical Documentation
13-Dec-2018 Online documentation for version 11.1.00 of BMC Configuration Component for z/OS (DBC), version 11.1.00 of BMC Execution Component for z/OS (LGC), version 10.4.00 of Next Generation Logger, and BMC Runtime Component System HTM
03-May-2018 Online documentation for the current version of the Installation System HTM
09-Feb-2018 Online documentation for version 7.9 of the MainView SRM DMS2HSM product HTM
Product Documents Language :
Title Date Format
MainView Infrastructure 6.2 space (11,745 KB) 16-Sep-2018 PDF
MainView Infrastructure 6.3 space (11,507 KB) 16-Sep-2018 PDF
MainView SRM DMS2HSM 7.9 space (2,640 KB) 14-Jun-2018 PDF
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