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Control-D/PC (Version 3.52.01)

Version Support Status : END OF VERSION SUPPORT
Full Support End Date : 01-Apr-2013
End Of Support Date : 31-Dec-2016

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Customer Advisories
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Technical Bulletin
17-Feb-2013 Support change notification for Control-M Workload Automation products and components, containing a list of the products and version numbers that is changing on December 31, 2014 PDF |
12-Feb-2007 Describes the actions to be performed to correct DST problems in U.S. and Canadian time zones resulting from legislative changes, in supported versions of CONTROL-M, CONTROL-D and related products. PDF |
30-Jun-2004 The use of FD numbers is being phased out due to the standardization of BMC product identification. The new format for unique identifiers for software deliverables is described in this technical bulletin. PDF |
14-May-2002 FD4865, approved by QA on May 20, 2002, contains enhancements and solutions to known problems. PDF | HTM
08-Dec-2001 This document solves these problems: lost archive reports, last report line not printed, general protection fault, and import error log omissions. PDF | HTM
Product Change Notice
21-Oct-2015 Product_Change_Notification_FY2016_Q2_Oct_2015_Final_2015_0930 PDF
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Title Date Format
CONTROL-D/Agent Kit User Guide 01-Sep-1999 PDF
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