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BMC Cloud Extension Pack (Version 3.0.00)

Version Support Status : END OF VERSION SUPPORT
Full Support End Date : 01-Aug-2015
End Of Support Date : 01-Aug-2017

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Customer Advisories
Date Tracking Numbers Description Available Formats
15-Apr-2014 BMC Software is alerting users to a serious issue where some BMC Products and services might be vulnerable to the OpenSSL flaw known as Heartbleed (CVE-2014-0160). PDF |
Technical Bulletin
21-May-2014 BMC no longer provides announcements for release notes, technical bulletins, and flashes on the BMC Support A - Z Supported Product List pages. Documentation for announcements is now provided in the product spaces on PDF
17-Apr-2014 BMC Software is alerting users to check the BMC Support Home page for the latest information about products assessed for vulnerability. Only a few assessed products are affected. PDF
07-Dec-2012 Describes the fixes available in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 3.0 Service Pack 1. PDF | HTM
Product Change Notice
20-Nov-2012 Product Change Notice PDF
Online Technical Documentation
20-Aug-2014 Provides online documentation for BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Dashboard 1.0, including information about installing and configuring the product. HTM
21-Sep-2012 Online documentation for BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management version 3.0 HTM
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