(Version 2.8.20)

Version Support Status : END OF VERSION SUPPORT
Full Support End Date : 31-May-2013
End Of Support Date : 30-Apr-2019

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Customer Advisories
Date Tracking Numbers Description Available Formats
Technical Bulletin
22-Oct-2012 BMC Software is alerting users to problems in version 5.5.00 of the BMC Performance Manager for Microsoft® Exchange Servers product. This technical bulletin describes a patch that prevents the problems from occurring. PDF | HTM
Release Notes
31-May-2011 Describes the configuration information, corrected problems, and known issues in version 2.8.20 of BMC Performance Manager Express for Mail Servers. PDF | HTM
31-May-2011 Describes what's new, what's changed, and corrected problems for all the Portal agentless monitoring components available in version 2.9.00 of BMC Performance Manager Solutions. PDF | HTM
01-Apr-2009 Provide information about the PATROL KM application classes and parameters that are available in the Portal, open issues, workarounds, and closed issues PDF | HTM
Product Change Notice
03-Nov-2015 P&A End of Life Site Customer Letter Oct-2015 PDF
16-Apr-2009 Provides information about the BMC Performance Manager, BMC PATROL, and BMC ProactiveNet products that you are entitled to use when you purchase specific Performance Managers. PDF | HTM
13-Jun-2008 lists the BMC Performance Manager, BMC PATROL, and BMC Proactive Net components that you are entitled to use when you purchase a license for a BMC Performance Manager product PDF