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Customer Advisories
Date Tracking Numbers Description Available Formats
08-Jul-2011 If you are using hardware without the Parsing-Enhancement Facility and you have applied BP00186, RTCS will fail with S878 PDF | HTM
Technical Bulletin
18-Mar-2016 RSL: Introducing Recommended Service Level (RSL) maintenance PDF
05-Dec-2014 PUT1402B is available PDF
07-May-2014 PUT1401B is available PDF
07-Apr-2014 Installation System: New passwords for the Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) and BMC Internet Service Retrieval (BMC ISR) FTP sites takes effect at 00:00 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on May 7, 2014 PDF
30-Jan-2014 PUT1302B is available PDF
22-May-2013 PUT1301B is available PDF | HTM
10-Apr-2013 The new passwords for the epddownload.bmc.com and filedownload.bmc.com FTP sites takes effect at 00:00 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on May 22, 2013 PDF | HTM
10-Jan-2013 Change to the PUT maintenance schedule PDF | HTM
05-Dec-2012 PUT1202B is available PDF | HTM
14-Nov-2012 If you select option 2 from the Electronic Software Distribution FTP Option Specifications panel, an error occurs when generating the JCL from the Install System JCL Generation Option Panel. PDF | HTM
12-Oct-2012 Announcing the BMCDOC utility, which can make preparing and sending support issue-related files to BMC Customer Support easier. PDF |
14-Sep-2012 PUT1202A is available PDF | HTM
27-Jun-2012 If you install BMC ISR by using merged libraries, the DDDEFs for the ABMRCLIB and ABMRLOAD libraries are incorrectly named. PDF | HTM
06-Jun-2012 BMC is alerting users to an extension of the BMC maintenance period which affects BMC Internet Service Retrieval (ISR) PDF | HTM
06-Jun-2012 PUT1201B is available PDF | HTM
15-Mar-2012 Reissue--Announcing the release of a standalone BMC Documentation Center PDF | HTM
28-Feb-2012 PUT1201A is available PDF | HTM
13-Feb-2012 The new password for the epddownload.bmc.com FTP site takes effect at 00:00 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on February 28, 2012 PDF | HTM
31-Jan-2012 The MainView Explorer host server might abend, loop, or hang under certain conditions. PDF | HTM
07-Dec-2011 Installation System - Describes additional issues and resolutions for version 2.3.25 of the Installation System PDF
07-Dec-2011 PUT1102B is available PDF
17-Aug-2011 Installation System - Describes the enhancements to version 2.3.20 of the Installation System PDF | HTM
17-Aug-2011 PUT1102A is available PDF | HTM
14-Jul-2011 Describes additional requirements for using this product with version 8.5.xx or 8.6.xx of BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management PDF | HTM
27-May-2011 Enhancements to MainView Explorer for short-term history and support of double-byte Unicode characters PDF | HTM
27-May-2011 PUT1101B is available PDF | HTM
09-May-2011 Installation System - The installation profile data set sometimes loses data PDF | HTM
08-Apr-2011 Installation System - Describes additional issues and resolutions for version 2.3.10 of the Installation System PDF | HTM
08-Apr-2011 Various errors occur in the MainView Explorer host server PDF | HTM
17-Feb-2011 MainView Explorer Authentication Certificate expires on April 29, 2011 PDF | HTM
16-Feb-2011 Installation System - The new password for the epddownload.bmc.com FTP site takes effect at midnight GMT on March 5, 2011 PDF | HTM
11-Jan-2011 Status of products that are now part of MainView Infrastructure PDF | HTM
07-Jan-2011 Installation System - Announcing BMC Internet Service Retrieval (ISR). This technical bulletin describes how to use this new feature. PDF | HTM
17-Dec-2010 Describes the solution to a problem with the upgrade process caused by incorrect attributes of the BBLOCLE and ABBLOCLE files. PDF | HTM
Release Notes
06-Jun-2012 Installation System: These release notes contain information about what is new and changed for version 2.3.35 of the Installation System. The release notes contain information that supplements or supersedes the Installation System User Guide. PDF | HTM
17-Nov-2010 Contains new release information for BMC Impact Integration for z/OS version 1.4.00, including new features, and product compatibility. PDF | HTM
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BMC Impact Integration for z/OS User Guide 12-Nov-2010 PDF