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MainView Transaction Analyzer (Version 2.2.00)

Version Support Status : LIMITED SUPPORT
Full Support End Date : 27-May-2011
End Of Support Date :

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Customer Advisories
Date Tracking Numbers Description Available Formats
11-Jan-2019 MainView Infrastructure: UPDATED MainView Alternate Access does not operate if IBM PTF UA98016 or UA98017 is applied PDF
20-Dec-2018 MainView Infrastructure: MainView Alternate Access does not operate if IBM PTF UA98016 or UA98017 is applied PDF
15-Apr-2014 BMC Software is alerting users to a serious issue where some BMC Products and services might be vulnerable to the OpenSSL flaw known as Heartbleed (CVE-2014-0160). PDF |
27-Aug-2010 RTCS enters a WAIT state if you use the REFRESH,KERNEL command to activate PTF BP00123 PDF | HTM
Technical Bulletin
03-Jan-2019 RSL1901 and RSL1901C are available PDF
24-Dec-2018 BMC ISR extract job $E05XTRT and retrieve job $J05RETV are missing the COPYSTEP and SFTP steps PDF
04-Oct-2018 Maintenance: RSL1810 is available PDF
13-Sep-2018 MainView Infrastructure: MainView Explorer can now be launched from a stand-alone package PDF
03-Jul-2018 Maintenance: RSL1807 and RSL1807C are available PDF
21-Jun-2018 MainView Infrastructure: After applying PTF BQY1469 or BQY1470, MainView Logger logs all WTOs, regardless of the WTOLOG or LOGWTO parameter setting PDF
30-May-2018 Announcing support for FIXCAT categories for Enhanced HOLDDATA PDF
05-Apr-2018 Maintenance: RSL1804 is available PDF
29-Sep-2017 MainView products now support running on Version 2.3 of the IBM z/OS system PDF
16-Jun-2016 DBC: An improved locking mechanism enables DBC to better support the multi-use runtime operation PDF
17-Apr-2014 BMC Software is alerting users to check the BMC Support Home page for the latest information about products assessed for vulnerability. Only a few assessed products are affected. PDF
09-May-2011 Installation System - The installation profile data set sometimes loses data PDF | HTM
08-Apr-2011 Installation System - Describes additional issues and resolutions for version 2.3.10 of the Installation System PDF | HTM
21-Mar-2011 PUT0902B: Problems have been reported PDF | HTM
10-Mar-2011 PUT1001B: Problems have been reported PDF | HTM
16-Feb-2011 Installation System - The new password for the FTP site takes effect at midnight GMT on March 5, 2011 PDF | HTM
14-Jan-2011 PUT1002B: Issues have been reported PDF | HTM
07-Jan-2011 Installation System - Announcing BMC Internet Service Retrieval (ISR). This technical bulletin describes how to use this new feature. PDF | HTM
30-Sep-2010 Abend S0C4 can occur when MainView Logger is capturing WTO and WTOR messages PDF | HTM
28-Sep-2010 MainView abends occur when certain views are used with a context of SSI PDF | HTM
23-Sep-2010 PUT1001A: Problems have been reported PDF
22-Sep-2010 PUT1002A is available PDF | HTM
19-May-2010 Announcing changes and updates distributed on PUT1001B PDF | HTM
19-May-2010 PUT1001B is available PDF | HTM
11-May-2010 Alarms are not generating alarm messages after applying PTF BPY8784 or PTF BPY8783 PDF | HTM
17-Feb-2010 PUT1001A is available PDF | HTM
04-Feb-2010 PUT0902A: Problems have been reported PDF | HTM
03-Feb-2010 Installation System - For the FTP site, the password is changing on February 17, 2010 PDF | HTM
04-Jan-2010 After PTF BPO9463 is applied, message AA1142E might be issued erroneously during initialization of the MAINVIEW Alert Manager BBI-SS PAS PDF | HTM
04-Jan-2010 PUT0902B: Problems have been reported PDF | HTM
04-Dec-2009 Adding deployment for CAS, context, and target definitions. PDF | HTM
04-Dec-2009 Announcing new and updated MAINIVEW common documentation. PDF | HTM
04-Dec-2009 Introducing new MAINVIEW Explorer View Containers. PDF | HTM
04-Dec-2009 PUT0902B is available. PDF | HTM
22-Oct-2009 RTCS termination hangs after PTF BP00094 or PTF BP00101 is applied PDF | HTM
19-Aug-2009 Installation System - Describes the enhancements and documentation issues for version 2.2.70 and 2.2.60 of the Installation System PDF | HTM
19-Aug-2009 PUT0902A is available. PDF | HTM
30-Jul-2009 Problems with RTCS continuous operation PDF | HTM
12-Jun-2009 LOGMSG alias views returning incorrect amount of data PDF | HTM
20-May-2009 Change to the ability to modify the ALL and CURRSYS predefined SSI contexts. Addition of _ALL and _CURRSYS predefined SSI contexts. Addition of security resources to control modifications and usage of contexts. PDF | HTM
20-May-2009 Context names missing in Alarm Definition (AMD) view. PDF | HTM
20-May-2009 Installation System - Describes the enhancements and documentation issues for version 2.2.60 of the Installation System PDF | HTM
20-May-2009 PUT0901B is available. PDF | HTM
15-Apr-2009 Change to the security definitions for the SERVINFO and CLIENTS views in MAINVIEW Explorer. PDF | HTM
27-Feb-2009 Enhanced MAINVIEW Explorer export function and new MVE Viewer PDF | HTM
27-Feb-2009 Enhancement to MAINVIEW Logger to increase the number of daily log files. PDF | HTM
27-Feb-2009 PUT0901A is available. PDF | HTM
23-Jan-2009 Open source offerings, MAINVIEW Data Server and the MAINVIEW Network-View Based API PDF | HTM
31-Dec-2008 BMC Software supports Enhanced HOLDDATA PDF | HTM
30-Dec-2008 PUT0801A is available PDF | HTM
30-Dec-2008 PUT0801B is available PDF | HTM
12-Dec-2008 Problem with the RTCS registry management function in a shared sysplex environment. PDF | HTM
19-Nov-2008 PUT0802B is available. PDF | HTM
14-Nov-2008 Announces the availability of the MAINVIEW Documentation CD, Volume 58 PDF | HTM
07-Nov-2008 For electronic software distribution, the FTP site address and URL are changing. PDF | HTM
06-Aug-2008 PUT0802A is available. PDF | HTM
11-Jun-2008 This bulletin announces updates to the eFix PTF Distribution Service. The eFix Distribution Service helps you manage fixes for your BMC SMP/E-managed products. You can search for PTFs, APARs, or elements and select the specific PTFs that you need for your PDF | HTM
24-May-2008 Problem with AutoCustomization displaying INCOMPLETE status PDF | HTM
12-May-2008 Impact of new MAINVIEW Infrastructure version 6.0.00 PDF | HTM
15-Feb-2008 Incorrect PTFs listed in the Release Notes PDF | HTM
06-Feb-2008 Improvements to AutoCustomization PDF | HTM
14-Dec-2007 Support for Q Nami! from MQSoftware PDF | HTM
09-Nov-2007 MAINVIEW products toleration support for z/OS 1.9 technical bulletin PDF | HTM
Release Notes
13-Dec-2018 Announces changes and new features in version 11.1.00 of DBC and LGC and version 10.4.00 of NGL PDF
13-Dec-2018 Installation System: Announces changes and new features in version 3.9.00 PDF
21-Jun-2018 MainView Infrastructure: Describes what is new and changed in MainView Infrastructure version 6.3.00 PDF
03-May-2018 Installation System: Announces changes and new features in version 3.6.00 PDF
09-May-2008 Announcing the release of version 6.0.00 of the MAINVIEW Infrastructure product. Product availability, compatibility, and support status are listed. Installation information is provided. What’s new or changed is described. PDF | HTM
09-Oct-2007 Provides information about the enhancements and resolved problems in version 2.2.00 of MAINVIEW Transaction Analyzer PDF | HTM
Online Technical Documentation
13-Dec-2018 Online documentation for version 11.1.00 of BMC Configuration Component for z/OS (DBC), version 11.1.00 of BMC Execution Component for z/OS (LGC), version 10.4.00 of Next Generation Logger, and BMC Runtime Component System HTM
03-May-2018 Online documentation for the current version of the Installation System HTM
25-Apr-2017 Online documentation for MainView Transaction Analyzer HTM
Product Documents Language :
Title Date Format
MAINVIEW Administration Guide 09-May-2008 PDF
MAINVIEW Alarm Management Guide 09-May-2008 PDF
MAINVIEW Best Practices: Event Management 19-May-2008 PDF
MAINVIEW Common Customization Guide 09-May-2008 PDF
MAINVIEW Reference Summary 09-May-2008 PDF
MAINVIEW Runtime Component System Configuration and Administration Guide 09-May-2008 PDF
MAINVIEW Security Guide 09-May-2008 PDF
MAINVIEW Security Reference Manual 20-May-2009 PDF
MAINVIEW Transaction Analyzer Customization Guide 01-Oct-2007 PDF | HTM
MAINVIEW Transaction Analyzer User Guide 09-Oct-2007 PDF | HTM
MAINVIEW User Guide 09-May-2008 PDF
MainView Infrastructure 6.3 space (11,507 KB) 16-Sep-2018 PDF
OS/390 and z/OS Installer Guide 19-Nov-2008 PDF
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