BMC AMI Defender TCP/IP Receiver (Version 2.9.01)

Version Support Status : FULL SUPPORT
Full Support End Date : 10-Jul-2024
End Of Support Date : 10-Jul-2025

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Customer Advisories
Date Tracking Numbers Description Available Formats
22-Dec-2021 UPDATED (ID1518) BMC AMI Ops products: Log4Shell security vulnerability affects a subset of BMC AMI Ops products and components HTM
Technical Bulletin
26-Jul-2023 (ID 308926) All BMC AMI products: Clarifying confusion between BMC Software's AMI mainframe portfolio and AMI MegaRAC BMC products HTM
29-Mar-2023 (ID 294714) ALL BMC Mainframe customers: Our SFT service will no longer support the TLS 1.1 and 1.0 protocols beginning on April 19, 2023 HTM
09-Aug-2021 (ID 1355) Technical bulletin: Product Alert emails will soon link to a notice webpage instead of to a PDF PDF
03-Mar-2021 (ID 1172) All BMC mainframe customers: New SHA-2 Global Root Certificate to access PDF
25-Jan-2021 (ID 1023) All BMC Mainframe customers: BMC is announcing the transformation of the BMC Mainframe product lines to BMC AMI PDF
15-Sep-2020 (ID 741) All BMC mainframe products and solutions: BMC is announcing an enhancement to how we notify you about notice updates PDF
20-Aug-2020 (ID 1011) Technical bulletin: Submit ideas for enhancements via BMC Communities PDF
20-Aug-2020 (ID 741) Technical bulletin: BMC is announcing an enhancement to how we notify you about notice updates PDF
30-Aug-2019 (ID 752) Customer Support: BMC is announcing a new method for sending information to Customer Support PDF
07-Aug-2019 (ID 735) All supported BMC mainframe products: You can now use your favorite search engine to find information in BMC product documentation PDF
Release Notes
25-Jul-2019 BMC AMI Defender for z/VM and BMC AMI Defender TCP/IP Receiver: Announces changes and new features in version 2.9.01 PDF
Online Technical Documentation
25-Jul-2019 Online documentation for version 2.9.01 of the BMC AMI Defender TCP/IP Receiver product HTM
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BMC AMI Defender TCP/IP Receiver 2.9.01 space (505 KB) 25-Jul-2019 PDF
Locating and generating PDFs of documentation 20-Mar-2020 PDF