Control-M/Enterprise Manager (Version 9.0.20)

Version Support Status : FULL SUPPORT
Full Support End Date : 23-Jul-2023
End Of Support Date : 23-Jul-2025

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Customer Advisories
Date Tracking Numbers Description Available Formats
22-Jan-2021 PACTV.9.0.18, PACTV.9.0.19, PACTV.9.0.20, PANFT.9.0.18, PANFT.9.0.19, PANFT.9.0.20 Critical problem found when applying IBM AIX patch 7200-05-01-2038 on AIX 7.2 PDF
Technical Bulletin
09-Sep-2021 Announces end of support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, Oracle Linux 6, CentOS 6, and Microsoft Windows Server 2012 by various Control-M products and components. PDF
30-Aug-2021 Announcing planned end of support for the emapi_cli utility. PDF
26-Aug-2021 Describes an issue in Rule-based Calendars and provides a workaround. PDF
10-Aug-2021 Describes an enhancement and corrected problems to Control-M MFT in patch PAAFP. PDF
15-Jul-2021 Describes end of support of RSA key authentication for log in to the Control-M client PDF
15-Jul-2021 End of support of PostgreSQL database versions 9.2.8 and 9.5.5 for Control-M/EM, Control-M/Server, and Control-M Workload Archiving PDF
23-Jun-2021 Describes a patch for Control-M/Enterprise Manager PDF
07-Apr-2021 BMC is notifying users of end of support for Control-M version 9.0.18. PDF
31-Mar-2021 Alerts users to issues in Control-M 9.0.20 Fix Pack 1 (version, which resulted in temporary withdrawal of the fix pack. PDF
15-Feb-2021 Announces end of support of SSLv3, and TLS1 PDF
17-Dec-2020 BMC Software is reminding users of Control-M of a change in support. PDF
06-Dec-2020 Describes a patch that corrects various issues in Control-M/Enterprise Manager PDF
03-Nov-2020 Alerts all Control-M customers to necessary 2020 year-end procedures. PDF
19-Oct-2020 Describes a patch that corrects various issues in Control-M/Enterprise Manager PDF
14-Jul-2020 Provides best practices for using Control-M to run a pod to completion in a Kubernetes-based cluster. PDF
19-Apr-2020 Announces the future end of support for Control-M/Agent for UNIX and Microsoft Windows for 32-bit architecture on IBM zSeries systems and RedHat 6 on IBM zSeries systems version 9.0.21 and higher. PDF
25-Dec-2019 Announcing end of support for SuSE 11 PDF
Online Technical Documentation
10-Aug-2021 Control-M Automation API documentation for monthly delivery, including installation information, information about the API services and commands, code reference material, and tutorials HTM
23-Jul-2020 Release notes for Control-M 9.0.20 and its fix packs and patches. Version, the most recent service pack, was made available on May 13, 2021. HTM
Product Documents Language :
Title Date Format
Control-M API Developer Guide 12-Jul-2020 PDF
Control-M Administrator Guide 12-Jul-2020 PDF
Control-M Installation Guide 12-Jul-2020 PDF
Control-M Language and Customization Guide 12-Jul-2020 PDF
Control-M Managed File Transfer Setup Guide 12-Jul-2020 PDF
Control-M Messages Manual 12-Jul-2020 PDF
Control-M Migration Guide 12-Jul-2020 PDF
Control-M Parameters Guide 12-Jul-2020 PDF
Control-M SSL Guide 12-Jul-2020 PDF
Control-M Self Service Setup Guide 12-Jul-2020 PDF
Control-M User Guide 12-Jul-2020 PDF
Control-M Utilities Guide 12-Jul-2020 PDF
Control-M Web interface User Guide 12-Jul-2020 PDF
Control-M Workload Archiving Setup Guide 12-Jul-2020 PDF