Control-D/WebAccess Server

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Migration toEffective Start DateEffective End DateDetails
No Migration 31-Dec-2017 30-Jun-2020 Withdrawal Information
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VersionProduct NameSupport StatusRelease DateFull Support End DateEnd of Support Date
9.0.20 Control-D/WebAccess Server FULL SUPPORT  24-Jul-2020  23-Jul-2023  23-Jul-2025 
9.0.19 Control-D/WebAccess Server FULL SUPPORT  04-Mar-2019  04-Mar-2022  04-Mar-2024 
9.0.18 Control-D/WebAccess Server LIMITED SUPPORT  03-Jan-2018  03-Jan-2021  03-Jan-2023 
9.0.00 Control-D/WebAccess Server END OF VERSION SUPPORT  10-Feb-2017  01-Aug-2018  31-Oct-2020 
3.7.02 Control-D/WebAccess Server END OF VERSION SUPPORT  25-Aug-2016  01-Aug-2018  01-Aug-2020 

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