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VersionProduct NameSupport StatusRelease DateFull Support End DateEnd of Support Date
20.23.02 Track-It! FULL SUPPORT  17-Nov-2023  17-Nov-2026  17-Nov-2028 
20.23.01 Track-It! FULL SUPPORT  19-May-2023     
20.22.01 Track-It! FULL SUPPORT  06-Sep-2022  06-Sep-2025  31-Mar-2026 
20.21.02 Track-It! FULL SUPPORT  03-Dec-2021  03-Dec-2024  03-Dec-2026 
20.21.01 Track-It! FULL SUPPORT  04-Jun-2021  04-Jun-2024  04-Jun-2026 
20.20.03 Track-It! LIMITED SUPPORT  10-Dec-2020  10-Dec-2023  10-Dec-2025 
20.20.02 Track-It! LIMITED SUPPORT  15-Jun-2020  15-Jun-2023  15-Jun-2025 
20.20.01 Track-It! LIMITED SUPPORT  23-Jan-2020  23-Jan-2023  23-Jan-2025 
20.19.03 Track-It! LIMITED SUPPORT  27-Aug-2019  27-Aug-2022  27-Aug-2024 
20.19.02 Track-It! LIMITED SUPPORT  26-Apr-2019  26-Apr-2022  26-Apr-2024 
20.19.01 Track-It! END OF VERSION SUPPORT  08-Mar-2019  08-Mar-2022  08-Mar-2024 
20.18.03 Track-It! END OF VERSION SUPPORT  22-Oct-2018  22-Oct-2021  22-Oct-2023 
20.18.02 Track-It! END OF VERSION SUPPORT  09-May-2018  09-May-2021  09-May-2023 
11.4.02 Track-It! FULL SUPPORT  03-Apr-2020     
11.4.01 Track-It! END OF VERSION SUPPORT  15-Mar-2016  15-Mar-2019  15-Mar-2021 

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